C# CSOM Sharepoint Timeout when downloading a lot of files

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I ran into a timeout exception, when using OpenFileBinaryDirect, to download files from Sharepoint.

The solution was to put the fileinfo object into a using statement.

using (var fileInfo = File.OpenBinaryDirect(_context, relativeUrl))
    if (Directory.Exists(targetDirectory))
        targetDirectory = Path.Combine(targetDirectory,
            Path.GetFileName(new Uri(relativeUrl).LocalPath));
    using (Stream destination = System.IO.File.Create(targetDirectory))
        for (var a = fileInfo.Stream.ReadByte(); a != -1; a = fileInfo.Stream.ReadByte())

It seems that without proper disposing the object, you run into some sort of connection limit. It put the code also on Stackoverflow.

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