Code signing problems with Delphi XE4 Mavericks

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Some days ago I wrote a blog post about signing a Firemonkey application manually with the developer ID.

For app store applications Delphi automatically runs the code signing procedure for you and creates a PKG file. Handy!

Since Apples new Mavericks release the code signing has changed a little bit and the command now needs an additional parameter: --deep. Delphi does not add the parameter, which results in an error building the application:

[PAClient Error] Error: E0264 Unable to execute '"/usr/bin/
codesign" --en "/Users/.../" 
-s "Mac Developer" -f "/Users/.../"' (Error 1) code object is not signed at all

OK what to do? The first problem is, that you cannot tell Delphi to add the parameter.

So I created a workaround for that. I wrote a small C++ command line tool, which replaces the original "codesign" program. When launched is parses all the parameters from the call and adds the --deep option if its not present.

Then it runs the original "codesign" tool. The project is available on Github.


  • Download the binary or compile your own version with XCode
  • Rename the original codesign tool in /usr/bin to codesign_original
  • Copy the codesign binary to /usr/bin

After that Delphi is able to run and build the application with code signing for the app store.

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