Save and load an EMF model to an XML file

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Here are two code snippets which give you an example how to save and load an EMF model to an XML file.

Note that "Data" is my EMF model object.

Save EMF to XML file:

public void saveData(String fileName, Data data) throws IOException {  
  Resource.Factory.Registry reg = Resource.Factory.Registry.INSTANCE;
  Map<String, Object> m = reg.getExtensionToFactoryMap();
  m.put("daform", new XMIResourceFactoryImpl());

  ResourceSet resSet = new ResourceSetImpl();
  Resource resource = resSet.createResource(URI.createFileURI(fileName));

Load to EMF object:

public Data loadData(String fileName) throws FileNotFoundException, IOException {
  XMIResourceImpl resource = new XMIResourceImpl();
  File source = new File(fileName);
  resource.load( new FileInputStream(source), new HashMap<Object,Object>());
  Data data = (Data)resource.getContents().get(0);  
  return data;

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