AvaloniaUI – Textbox expand to all available space

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How to make a textbox in AvaloniaUI expand for all available space.

I am currently trying out AvaloniaUI. If you have not heard about it, it is a GUI framework, similar to WPF, but it runs also on Linux and macOS.

As with WPF, for me, it is a constant struggle to use the right layout manager. In my case, I just wanted to have a tab control with a textbox in it. The textbox should use the available space and if needed show scrollbars.

However, toying around to StackLayout and other things, I always ended up with something like that:

Here is a solution using a Grid.

<Grid ShowGridLines="True" RowDefinitions="Auto,*" Margin="10">
    <WrapPanel Grid.Row="0" HorizontalAlignment="Left">
        <Button Content="Translate"></Button>
    <TabControl Grid.Row="1">
        <TabItem Header="German">
            <ScrollViewer DockPanel.Dock="Top" HorizontalScrollBarVisibility="Visible"
                <TextBox TextWrapping="Wrap" AcceptsReturn="True"

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